Wednesday, June 15, 2016 Beach Towel Review

I got the chance to make a Beach Towel on  Starting your product is very easy and you get so many options!  You can get backgrounds, put your pics into shapes, colors, Lettering, and so much more.  So with this site I have found you can make your dream product or gift.  Uploading your pictures is very easy and it keeps them for your next project.  The product comes out very nice and highly detailed.  It even keeps your project in case you need to make another for your family members. 

The quality of the Beach Towel is very good.  It feels very sturdy when you pull and tug.  Even after a use it still looks beautiful.  I made a towel of our only son for my wife to cheer her up.  (she has had really bad health lately and even stopped blogging for a while also. )  Below is a picture of how it turned out.  I love using the photo editor because you get so many options.

New to ? Go over and sign up for a 60% off code! That is an Amazing deal... The Beach towels start at $59.95 and really are a great deal especially with 60% off.  They have tons and tons of projects to choose from. 

Thank you My wife could not be happier with her gift! 

I am a blogger and got a free product in exchange for a completely unbiased review.  No monetary compensation was received.

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