Wednesday, April 29, 2015

SamePage Review

Samepage is a awesome company tool.  You can upload documents meant for your workers or other info that only they can pull off the page or change.  Not only can you can store so much on the site like music, presentations, and much more but you can have only your organization access this information.   So now running an e-business can be much easier on you and take quite a bit off your plate and your wallet.  No expensive IT and just simple ease make this a great site.  The site is easy to navigate and control and the customer service department is very friendly.

They have quite an impressive client base.

Overall, I think it is a great high functioning e-source for those who might need help with all that e-storage.

Who uses Same Page?  Lots of E-industries that have figured out how nice it is to be able to store all the info in a nice neat little cloud.  Yes, They are a cloud storage tech that works well.

What they have: (quoted from site)

Product Description
Samepage is a new free, cloud based platform which enables multiple users to manage projects, share content and conversation all on one online page. Samepage is revolutionalizing the way people share ideas and content. We are interested in working with Tomoson bloggers to review Samepage. Since we do not have a physical product to review and ship, we will send each blogger a $15 Amazon gift card for writing a review of Samepage. We only have 15 slots for this week to review this exciting new platform so please sign up asap for this campaign.
With Samepage:

  • Personal and professional activities with others are coordinated in a single online page. One can easily create an online page in a few minutes and share it with friends, social networks, co-workers or the whole Internet. Whether one is sharing a set of recipes with a church group, some photos of a hike with Facebook friends or the itinerary for a business trip with a work team, Samepage makes it easy.
  • One can put everything they want to share on a single page and share it across all of their social media with just a few clicks. One can share files, pictures, maps, videos and even cloud files from Dropbox, Google Drive and other services. 
Samepage is accessible through a browser. It is also available on an iOS and Android app. For more details, visit our website at: 

One page to rule them all.

Samepage helps you organize everything from the book club meeting to the campaign launch. Create a page in minutes by combining text, Dropbox files, a Google map, Office or PDF files, photos and videos. Then share the page with friends, family, or coworkers. Now it’s easy to get everyone on the same page.
And did we mention that Samepage is free?

Plan for anything.

How do you get a group of 6 busy people at the trailhead, with the right gear, on time? Whether you’re climbing El Capitan or organizing your next dinner party, Samepage will help you keep the group organized and informed.

One Group. One Page.

It’s no easy task keeping your study group organized across email, chat, Dropbox and Google Docs. Samepage keeps everyone up to speed in one easy to navigate place. Spend less time hunting for stuff and more time getting stuff done.

Everything together.

Imagine what you can do when you can share ideas and information with others so easily. Upload any file from your PC or Mac – including photos, PDFs, and Excel, Word or PowerPoint files. Samepage easily shares files from cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and OneDrive. You can also pull in Google Maps and videos from YouTube.

The mepage for Business.
Work together better.

Simple and easy online collaboration for your employees, partners, and customers. No more email hell.

I am a blogger and got to try the fore mentioned product for free in exchange for an honest unbiased review.

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