Saturday, April 11, 2015

Personalized Children's Book Review with KD Novelties

Personalized Children's Book Review

I have always thought getting a child a personalized book was something they really love because it they are apart of the story with their favorite character.  It makes a kid feel special and gives them a confidence boost.

Guess what one we picked?  Come on Pick?  Please Guess?  Give up? haahahahahaha

We picked scooby doo for our son.  He loved being a part of their crime fighting story.  Not only did he love it but he wanted it read over and over again and he smiled every time his name came up.  It is something for our son to cherish for years to come.  A special story with them in it.  That is very cute.

What to do?  It is very easy... You just pick the book and fill out the info they need and order!  It is so simple and it does not take long to get it.  I was expecting a customized book to take some time to get but it didn't.  We got the book about a week and a half later.  That is pretty fast!

The book is a good sized book like Dr. Seuss size and length.  It is a hard cover full of bright vivid pictures of your child's favorite character.  What could be better than that?   See your kids face light up or the giggle that excapes them when they hear their name in the story.  It is so worth it!

My wife's favorite part is the dedication part.  So they know who got them it and life is short give them something to remind you of them of you all the time.

Disclosure... I am a blogger and got this as an exchange for an honest review and no monetary compensation was received.

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