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MeasuPro BPM-20A Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Review

MeasuPro BPM-20A Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Review

This thing works great!  My wife has high blood pressure and heart disease runs in her family.  So we like to be safe at all times and know her numbers.   This is pretty accurate and she is happy to have it.  It has a very large digital readout that is very easy to read.  The cuff is not made for plus sizes really but it did fit on her arm pretty well.  I think that made it read a little high because of that fact!  It is a doctors type yet it is still computerized and digital.  Now we got to work on something to help her blood pressure stay down and keep away from heart disease.

Product Description
MeasuPro helps keep you focused on your health by providing you with the tools you need. Using advanced technology, the MeasuPro Digital Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor provides accurate measurements of your blood pressure and pulse rate. Measurements are taken through an automatic, fast and easy process using Measure and Inflate technology. The pressurized arm cuff auto-inflates with the touch of a button and automatically releases the pressure when the measurement is complete. This MeasuPro Digital Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor features a bright LCD display with separate touch buttons for each individual user. It features a unique desktop design so you can easily store this device in your home or office. The BPM80A records up to 120 blood pressure readings, 60 readings per user, with date and time memory recall. Graphical readings are classified in five different levels and color coded to represent the reading's level of hypertension. It also calculates and averages your blood pressure based on the last 3 readings and detects irregular heartbeats and any arrhythmias. Arm cuff fits upper arm circumference of 23-32 cm. The MeasuPro blood pressure monitor ships with 4 AAA batteries (included), medium to large sized arm cuff, carrying bag, and user manual. 2 year manufacturer's warranty included.

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