Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Glow Stick Bracelets - 100 Bracelets Review

Glow Stick Bracelets - 100 Bracelets Review

What kid can resist Glow sticks?  This comes with 100 sticks and connectors to make 100 bracelets.  My son and us played with these until they went out the next day.  They are so much fun especially in the dark.  What is cooler than glow in the dark things?  Scoobydoo1971 still loves these!  We where making them in all kinds of patterns and playing glow in the dark loops.  We had to get them around the object in the dark to get a point.  It was very fun and we had a blast.  They seem to be made pretty well except my wife did break one on accident.  opps.  Sorry.

  • The best quality - Long lasting - Super Bright Glow Sticks-
  • Create super bright glowing bracelets, necklaces, glasses and more with the Super Bright Glow Sticks!
  • Includes 100 premium quality glow sticks - 8" long premium quality glow bracelets
  • Fresh from the factory- Ultra bright and long lasting! The longest lasting glow sticks
  • Non-toxic and CPSIA Compliant Glow Sticks - Premium Quality

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