Tuesday, April 7, 2015

CELFIE Stick! Bluetooth, Button IN HANDLE, Long! Review

CELFIE Stick! Bluetooth, Button IN HANDLE, Long! 

This makes it super easy to get the best photo.  Whatever your looking for a selfie or any kind of picture this has you covered.    It is an extra long handle so you can get a bigger and better selfie.  This pairs to your phone so you can control your phone with the stick or vice versa.  It is really easy to use and it does work very nice.  It is a sturdy stick made of hard thick plastic.  I happy to have tried this device and recommend it.

Don't be fooled by other selfie sticks on the market, this one has high end features the others don't.
→  Super long extendable length for far-away selfie, yet condenses in size into the handle.
→  Very strong mount you can trust with your phone!
→  Most importantly, the shutter button is IN the handle! No more cheap-o separate remotes.
→  The Celfie Stick easily pairs by bluetooth to your phone, and comes with a cable for recharging!

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