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Run Forever Sports - Calf Compression Sleeves Review

Run Forever Sports - Calf Compression Sleeves Review

These socks are perfect for concentration more blood flow to your legs.  That helps against muscle pain, fatigue and more issues.  It also speeds up your recovery time.  These are perfect for any sport or exercise that calls for a lot of feet and leg use.  They are lower leg length and go from your knee to your ankle.

I use these for riding my bike.  It helps me out to not tire out too fast.  Day and night constant use of my legs cause lots of fatigue.  These help a little bit to combat it and make my legs repair faster.  I just use these and eat a banana after work outs.  These are used by professional athletes and I believe they really work.  At least for me.

Product Description
Run Forever Sports Calf Compression Sleeve Review

True Graduated Compression Support Your Muscles and Increase Blood Flow
- Warm up safely and quickly
- Help fight muscle fatigue
- Boosts circulation and helps you recover faster
- Reduce pain from shin splints
- Great for frequent travelers

One Pair of Our Calf Compression Sleeves Are Perfect For

Not just for athletes - the calf sleeves are perfect for anyone in retail, nursing, travel, hospitality or any jobs that require standing on feet for long hours.


HIGH QUALITY - These compression sleeves are made of premium quality, breathable & durable compression fabric made of Lycra 75%, Spandex 25%

PERFECT FIT FOR YOUR CALF: Our Calf Compression Sleeves are sold in a pair and they come in two sizes. The socks are perfect for men and women up to 6'2" in height with calf sizes ranging from 11 inches up to 19 inches. To get the perfect fit for the compression socks, Read our sizing chart below in the description to see the best size to choose

GRADUATED COMPRESSION: RFS compression sleeves offer true graduated compression. The pressure starts at 20mmHg at the top of the sleeve and progresses smoothly to 25mmHg at the bottom of the pair of sleeves. This ensures increased blood transport to muscles over the entire length of the sleeve.

SHIN SPLINTS RELIEF: Our calf compression sleeves also give you relief from shin splints and prevent cramps in your calves. They help increase the blood flow to help your muscles recover quicker. Make sure to consult your physician if you have health issues before using any compression aids

Size Guide
Important! Please measure the thickest part of your calf (circumference) to determine the proper size compression sleeve for you.

Calf Size Measurments
Medium: 11" - 15" Up to 5'10" in Height
Large: 15" - 19" Up to 6'2" in Height

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