Thursday, February 26, 2015

GrillFella BBQ Wok (Coppper) Review

GrillFella BBQ Wok (Coppper) Review

This thing is so awesome.  We put it on the grill while cooking steaks on the grill we cooked veggies in this.  They cooked really good without the flame drying them out too much.  Just simply set it on the gril and add your veggies.  It even has a divider.  We have a tailgating fold up grill by stok that we love.  It fits perfectly with it.  The veggies turned out tender but not dry.  Just enough to make them easier to digest but not cooking all the nutrients out of them.  We love it a lot and have been using it for three weeks now.  We can not wait till the snow melts to use it again.

Product Description
The Original GrillFella! Copper Color BBQ Vegetable Basket Wok with Divider. Grill Different Foods Simultaneously - Free Silicone Heat Pads - Durable Carbon Steel Tray - Stainless Steel Handles - Best Barbecue Topper - 1y Warranty
  • - First Vegetable Grilling Basket With Divider So You Can Grill Multiple Vegetables At Once
    - Remove The Divider To Have A Professional Quality Full-Size BBQ Wok - Barbecue Topper
    - Makes Grilling Smaller Or Delicate Fods Easy
    - Sides High Enough To Allow You To Toss Around Your Veggies As You Cook
    - Free Silicone Heat Pads Included To Help You Handle The Wok Or Any Other BBQ Accessory When Hot

- Large and easy-to clean, great for all BBQs 
- Split the area in two with the adjustable divider 
- Not only for vegetables - Throw in some small cuts of meat or chicken 

Vegetable Griling Basket with a Twist: A Divider!
The GrillFela BBQ Wok series are the only BBQ Vegetable baskets on the market with the unique Divider feature allowing you to split the space to grill multiple different foods simultaneously... to cook more quickly and evenly... Zucchini, eggplant and onions on one side,  diced lamb on the other! 

Bonus Gift for a Limited Time Only: Silicone Heat Pads!
- We are throwing in a pair of our famous Heat Pads, a 12$ value 
- Never worry about losing a small piece of meat or vegetable in your grill again 
- Available in a variety of colors 

Begin serving perfectly grilled vegetables every time starting today.

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