Friday, February 13, 2015

Get the Bats Out Toilet Plunger Review

Toilet Plunger Review

My first impression of this product was Other than my roto router plunger this is the most sturdiest and well made mop I have gotten to try.  It fits perfectly in your toilet and causes a high force movement that forces the plug out of the way.  It causes toilet paper to break up and move easily through the pipes.  One thing I always hear from my wife is I use way to much toilet paper and I admit it does get clogged on occasion due to me.  It works on the bathtub and sink too.  It fits perfectly to the hole in the toilet for maximum pressure build up to clear it out fast.  It feels like what professionals would use and I love it.

Product Description
Toilet Plunger - Industrial Grade

Heavy Duty Industrial Grade - Use in the Home or Commercial Settings
Better Performance - Large Extended Cup for Best Pressure, Fit, and Suction
Better Sanitation - Plastic Handle is Easier to Clean than Wooden Handles
Easier to Use - Avoid Splinters and Blisters with the Plastic Handle and Quick Sealing Soft Rubber Cup

Medium Sized, Heavy Duty Toilet Plunger

Our plunger is Industrial grade. Made with a very sturdy plastic handle, it is easy to keep clean and sanitize. The plastic is sturdier than competing brands that use aluminum and is easy on the hands. The large rubber cup builds pressure fast and is effective with both sinks and toilets.

High Performance
- Soft rubber over-sized cup forms a quick seal 
- Heavy duty rubber builds suction and pressure fast 
- Clears difficult clogs fast!

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