Friday, February 13, 2015

Garden Pump Sprayer with Two Gallon Tank Review

Garden Pump Sprayer with Two Gallon Tank Review

This tank is great for about anything!  We use it for our garden.   I filled it with garlic water and simply spray on my garden.  It keeps mosquito's away.  We are so ecstatic about having this because I have wanted one for a long time and they did not let me down.  It is made out of high quality materials and does not leak.  It works smoothly and really feels heavy duty.  Now I can use this for spraying any kind of essential oils to keep other pest away.  The spray handle is easy to use and grip.  We love this and use it regularly.

Product Description
Garden Pump Sprayer with 2 Gallon Tank - Heavy Duty, All Purpose and Chemical Resistant

* Save time and don't lose parts! Our Sprayer comes assembled and ready to use right out of the box.
* Builds pressure fast with a couple pumps of the locking handle.
* Chemical resistant coating - use with fertilizers, pesticides, and cleaning agents.
* Angled tip and adjustable nozzle allows for application in difficult to reach places.
* Free Bonus! This Sprayer Comes with 15 Green or Eco-Friendly Recipes for Weed Control, Pest Control, Fertilizers, etc (Full List in Product Description Below)

Save Money with a Heavy Duty Garden Sprayer Built to Last
Made from heavy duty plastic and coated with a chemical resistant coating, this tank sprayer is designed to last for years. No more air leaks and dripping nozzles. Depend on our product for heavy lawn and garden use, or as a contractor spraying insecticides, fertilizers, fungicides and more. The compact two gallon size is not too heavy to carry, yet doesn't keep you running back and forth to refill like the smaller one gallon units do. The locking handle and thick plastic contruction gives this sprayer the look and feel of contractor grade products. Why waste money on throw-away products?

Versatile and Dependable
- Reliable and heavy duty - use over and over again with confidence. 
- Extension tube has an angled tip to reach difficult places 
- Locking handle does not leak 
- Adjustable tip allows for broad spray or focused spray

Includes 15 Eco-Friendly Recipes for use with your Tank Sprayers for:
- Weed Killer 
- Spider Control 
- Fertilizer 
- Mold Elimination 
- Pesticide 
- Nuisance Wildlife Control 
- Window Washing 
- Wallpaper Removal 
- Frost Removal 
- Mouse Control 
- Sterilization 
- Degreasing 
- Mosquito Control 
- Insecticide 
- Stain Removal

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