Thursday, February 5, 2015

Fujifilm DVD-R Camcorder mini DVD's 10 Pack Review.


Fujifilm DVD-R Camcorder mini DVD's 10 Pack.
It comes in a 10pk and 30 minutes 4x jewel.  We have an older camcorder that takes these and my wife has been wanting more to film our son at the zoo.  They work great with our Samsung camcorder.  The more videos the better for her.  She says these are high quality and hold a lot up to 1.4gb for these type of disc.  I love this container they are in.  It keeps them well protected.

Product Description
Fujifilm Media 25302410 DVD-R Camcorder 1.4GB 30 Minutes 4X Jewel HT - 10 Pack Spindle. Each DVD has 1.4 GB of storage space. Disc size of 8 cm. Highly compatible for viewing with most DVD players. Comes in a quantity of 10 DVD-Rs on a spindle.

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