Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Suddora Sweatband Set Review


Suddora Sweatband Set.

These are very nice to control the sweat from hitting your hands and make the weights slip out of your hands.  They are a must for me when it comes to safety.  They fit very comfortably on your wrist and forehead.  The forehead one keeps the sweat out of your eyes and is another great safety thing.  They are very sturdy woven material and are soft.  They stretch pretty wide if needed and they come in 10 colors. 

Available in 10 different colors - This is one of the most popular sweatband sets we have to offer. The set comes with 1 headband and 2 wristbands. 

      * Ideal for basketball, running, cycling and more!

      * Ultra Comfy and Durable! 80% Cotton, 12% Spandex & 8% Nylon.

      * Package comes with 1 Headband ( 7 x 2") and 2 Wristbands (3 x 3 1/2")
      * Also amazing as an accessory.

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