Friday, January 16, 2015

Faburo Soft Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow Review

Faburo Soft Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow.

Faburo soft memory foam travel neck pillow is so soft and plush.  It helps my neck because I fall asleep easy in the car when traveling.  Now I do not have to have a neck ache with tension from the uncomfortable neck hanging back or down.  I used this a couple of times now and I it made me so much more comfortable.

It is about the size of a dinning plate and is yellowish.  The pillow is plush material and extra soft.  It does not flatten to much when in use.  It really is great for traveling.

Product Description
We all dread that moment after sitting during a long trip when we start feeling the need to take a nap. It is usually uncomfortable sleeping while sitting up, but now it does not have to be! The Faburo memory foam neck pillow provides maximum comfort as it contours to your head and neck for a just-right fit.

The soft memory foam technology helps relieve tension on your neck as it provides just the right amount of comfort. It is small, easy to carry, and includes a machine-washable microfiber-like fabric (80% polyester, 20% cotton).
In addition to its use as a neck pillow, it may be used as a regular pillow while laying down! Take the Faburo memory foam neck pillow with you on your next trip!

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