Wednesday, January 14, 2015

AlgaeCal Plant Sourced Calcium Review + Giveaway

AlgaeCal Plant Sourced Calcium Review + Giveaway

AlgaeCal Plant Sourced Calcium.  

  This product is so outstandingly good for you!  It is harvested from the purest sea algae that does not cause bloating, gas or constipation which is amazing for me.  (as some many know I have a gas issue where I can not release it most of the time and I can not burp.)  The amount of minerals in this is just crazy for one pill to have at such a descent price.  It will keep your bones at peak performance.  Not to mention increase density.  The pills are easy to take and swallow and no nasty aftertaste. 

  • AlgaeCal Plus has been CLINICALLY SUPPORTED to increase bone density - even in 80 year old women.
  • Plant calcium is BEST ABSORBED, easier to digest and will not cause bloating, gas, or constipation
  • Natural calcium supplement & bone building complex made from all natural ORGANIC ingredients. 3 vitamins and 73 trace minerals aid in restoring your bones to a strong, healthy state
  • ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS - Certified USDA Organic - Made from wild, hand harvested South American sea algae at a FDA CERTIFIED facility in San Diego, California. Only The FINEST NATURAL INGREDIENTS!
  • Ships from USA to USA


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