Thursday, December 25, 2014

ORION External Battery Bank, Portable Charger Review

ORION External Battery Bank, Portable Charger.

I love power chargers!  They are just one of my favorite inventions.  We hated the days while out our phone would go dead and there was no place to charge it.  Or imagine having a Autistic child and his DS goes dead.  Yeah, Those days are gone because of awesome chargers like this one.  We have already used it countless times.

Easy, yes very easy to run these products.  Believe me when I say anyone can do it.  It is a sliding touch on and off.  It is high powered compared to a lot of other charges.  It has two charging ports for charging more than one item at a time. Oh, Yes, that is awesome.  It comes with the cord and you just charge it on your computer or other usb devices.  It protects from over charging and over heating. That is so great.  Who wants to worry about your devices shorting out and burning their house down?  Not me.  Now I am happy... Safe and a peace at mind is so great to have.

Product Description
  • High Capacity - Large 6000 mAh high quality Li-ion battery, recharge over 1000 times!
    Dual Charge - 5V-2A and 5V-1A USB outputs works simultaneously for 2 devices. USB charging ensures it will work with most of any digital devices.
    Sliding Touch - Unique sliding touch to turn the power bank ON/ OFF.
    Smart IC - Current protection prevents shorting, overheating and overcharging for safety!
    Indication lights - 4 LED Lights indication for your power bank battery charging l

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