Thursday, December 25, 2014

MIRA Electric Milk Frother and Cappuccino Maker Review

MIRA Electric Milk Frother and Cappuccino Maker.

This has been a wonderful product to review.  The problem it does not always froth for me now.  At first I had not issues and really used it quite a few times in the first week.  Then it was weird because it only froths as more liquid now and not mostly foam like it did at first.  I feel bad since I do not know if it is my issue but I am doing the same thing and I am not getting the beautiful foam I was getting.  It also could be that all companies have a faulty product and they can not help it because sometimes you get the one thing that you love but it just will not work.  Overall, if I can figure it out I loved it very much and hope it starts working again like it should.

I have to apologize to the company who let me try this because we have been having lots of illness in the family and That mixed with this not working right since the first day I am really late with this review.  I promised it much sooner and hope they can forgive my tardiness.

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