Saturday, November 1, 2014

Pinch Me Dough Review

                  Merging aromatherapy with relaxation                 

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Pinch Me is a Aromatherapy dough that helps your relax and un-stress as you pinch the dough.
"Say hello to Pinch Me, a holistic, drug-free, portable stress-reduction tool. This pliable putty was expertly developed to be the ideal texture for perfect pinchability. When you feel a hint of stress, pull out your container. Gently knead away nuisances, or use it while you're relaxing to decompress and get back to center.  

We infuse each container with placating, spa-quality oils and soft, subtle hues to act as subliminary calming agents. The elements come together to pack a powerful punch against common, everyday stressors.  When you're done, just drop it back in the container, twist the lid on securely and tuck it away... until next time.
Each container comes packed with 6 squishable ounces of Pinch Me dough. That's enough to get you through hundreds of situations. Buy one at $19.99 and subsequent purchases in the same order will be priced at just $16.99.
Life comes at us fast. Wherever you go, pack the dough.

I got to try three varieties Ocean, Beach, and for men.  My wife loves hers.  She says it does help a little bit by getting your mind off what is bothering you. It relieves tension through pinching like a stress ball does but this is better.  It also calms you through the aromatherapy.    I am not as big on the man scent and use the beach one a bit more.  Not saying anything bad about the man scent just saying the beach relaxes me more. Everyone is different.  Overall we really enjoy these.

* I am responsible for the opnions in this post because they are my honest feelings.  I was in no way persuaded to do a good review and No monetary compensation was received for this review. 

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