Thursday, September 25, 2014

My families Dreams

I am bored with being so busy with reviews I want to put something about my family on here.

My son.. Who is autistic and we nearly lost him as an infant to sleep Apnea.  My wife did CPR.  Something you never ever want to have to do on your own child.  He was going fine, even talking early until almost 2 and he stopped saying anything. He went to school at 4 but something horrible happened there.  Now he is happily homeschooled.

My Dream. I am not sure yet.

My wife's dream is for our son to be happy and healthy.

My son.  Wants to see the ocean and go to disney world before he is an adult.  Well does  not look like that gets to happen.  He is 12 now and we are no closer than ever.  We try to budget but the measly scraps we get from my Social and his SSI is crazy.  No one can live off that.  I want him to have his dream some day.

Life is a twist and turn to no avail.  We are happy we lose and we win.  Times are hard and we cry.  Life goes on and yes we will live.

Just felt like saying that. ...

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