Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Soda Sparkle

Soda Sparkle is a do it your self soda kit that my kids love.  I have never seen so convenient to make your soda on the go.  You can take this in the car and make it on a trip or at a picnic.  I have never seen anything easier.  


This item is Very compact, the Co2 canisters are recyclable and enviro friendly.   Ease of not carrying around heavy 2 litters or 12 or 24 pack is a great idea no more hurt on my back.  Amazing not having to know your measurements for the drinks everything is pre-measured and so no mess or fuss.  You get two size bottles 1 ltr and 1.3 ltr so you can control your co2 and taylor it to your taste buds.  My son can pick his own flavor which is usually different from mine or my wife's. and we do not have to worry about multi bottles to do this. This product is also extremely safe because it is pre-measured and has a safety valve and only releases air when needed.  

What really interested me to want to try this was what I learned about it.  The following is a quote from Soda Sparkle About page:
 "Launched in 2012, the revolutionary portable eco-design includes reusable, BPA free, PET bottle, disposable and recyclable CO2 soda chargers and a wide range of sugar-free, natural flavors with no added preservatives, "

My family is really trying to stay away from BPA containers.  I know its hard to stay completely away from BPA but we can control it for most of the things in our life.  Drinking bottles I heard could be one of the most dangerous areas to have BPA so I love that these are BPA free.  

Ease of use is also why I love these.  You put your CO2 cartridge in, Turn and it starts carbonating your water.  Its a small and very easy to handle item.  The Chargers of Co2 fit right in your hand.  

Very low cost for making your own soda that you can control the ingredients.  My family loves it and it is a big hit.  You just buy more chargers and flavors and your good to go.  What is easier than that?  

To buy this great product visit  http://www.sodasparkleusa.com/online-store.aspx

Visit them on Facebook or Twitter.

Thank you to the great people at Soda Sparkle that let my family try a  kit to review.  

Starting tomorrow Soda Sparkle was great enough to let me give away a kit on my blog!  I will post the details for it sometime tomorrow!  Please check back and enter!!! I would greatly appreciate it. Please feel free to Comment and let me know what you think.  Get a head start by checking them out on Facebook and Twitter (like and follow will be ways to enter!) 

~~ The opinions above are mine alone and are honest.  I received no monetary compensation for this review.

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Exclusiv Vodka

Exclusiv Vodka comes from Moldova. Do you know where that is? I actually do. ok! I will tell the truth I googled it. I can tell you the capital too, it is Chişinău and I am not even going to try to pronounce it. 

If you know me then you know I am not that big on hard liqueurs.  I do not like the taste and can barely handle a beer.   I heard of this new product and really wanted to try it.  Exclusiv Vodka Rose.  Me and my wife tried the vodka and loved it.  It is made with wine and actually taste great.  A little goes a long way.  We had it with a steak dinner and it was a hit.  My in-laws even loved it.  It is smooth and not too grainy like most stronger liqueurs.  We are defiantly going to make this a special occasion drink in our house.

The site for

Exclusiv Vodka has a great recipe page http://www.exclusiv-vodka.com/vodka-drink-recipes/ that we are going to try a few that caught our interest.

Starting tomorrow I will be giving away a free bottle thanks to Exclusiv!  Stay tuned for the details which will include liking them on Facebook and following on Twitter.

Thank you to Exclusiv for this great opportunity to review this product and give one away.

~~ I received no monetary compensation for this review and the views are my own. Thanks again.

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