Friday, October 28, 2011

TheraBreath Review and Giveaway

I have really dry mouth in the mornings and I have bad breath.  TheraBreath let me try their Products to see if they can help me and I would do a Honest Review in exchange.  What a great deal!

About TheraBreath

TheraBreath was created by Doctor Harold Katz while at California Breath Clinics.  Since 1994 when it was put on the market its helped "over 1,000,000 people world wide to solve the problems of bad breath and unpleasant mouth taste."* .  

The products I tried.are their best sellers: original toothpaste and mouthwash  and their new lozenges.  

First off I tried the Original Toothpaste.  Right off I noticed it was nothing like the average toothpaste on the market.  It bubbles as you brush.  My breath seemed a lot fresher right away. One thing I really love about this is it wasn't overly sweetened and didn't hurt my teeth.  They use aloe in the toothpaste which is really unique.  It's recommended to be used twice a day.  

Quoted from TheraBreath webpage. 
"Brush with this toothpaste twice a day and you will stop bad breath, guaranteed! This formula is also great for gum health and nothing is more powerful at fighting cavities. Therabreath Toothpaste is designed to control the anaerobic bacteria that causes bad breath. Buy it today, use it regularly, and you'll breathe easier and smile more often."

Next I tried the Mouth Wash and also realized it was very different but in a good way.  It feels like drinking aloe.  It too is not overly sweet and has not stinging side effect.  That is a real good plus in my book.  I like my sweets sweet but not my mouth wash or toothpaste.  Its real smooth and gets the job done without you feeling as if your mouth was on fire.  Another great product in my opinion.

Quoted from TheraBreath (about the mouthwash) "Stop your bad breath and end chronic halitosis by using TheraBreath Oral Rinse after brushing with TheraBreath Toothpaste. This amazing rinse uses the odor-obliterating power of OXYD-8 for treating bad breath, stopping halitosis and eliminating sour, bitter and metallic tastes in your mouth."

Third I tried the BreathMints (Mandarin Mint flavored.).  I want to say something right off the bat with these.  They are awesome to keep on you when you can not brush your teeth every few seconds or need a mint.  I was amazed when I used these and had fresh breath for a long time (hours) later.

Quoted * "Our unique Lozenges are unlike any breath mint you have ever tried. They work in three distinct stages to make sure your mouth isfresh, moist, and healthy. This three stage approach is not only unique, but incredibly effective at controlling dry mouth and bad breath odor. Try our Lozenges - we guarantee you have never experienced a mint like this!"

Alll these products use aloe which I have known for sometime helps control odors.  They contain no sodium lauryl sulfate.  Great flavors and they seem to really work.

Availability? Most drugstore or even on their site! Currently they are having some good deals.  

Amazing facts about many mouth diseases and problems! Its really interesting

Have a problem with Canker Sores? Check this out! 

*quote from site

The opinions are my honest opinion and I received no money for this review. 

And now to the fun stuff!  One lucky winner will win A tube of the Original Toothpaste and The TheraBreath Oral Rinse mouthwash.  This contest is currently for us only and TheraBreath ask very kindly if you won their products on another blog please allow others the chance to win and try these great products.  

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