Monday, September 5, 2011

Tropical Traditions Coconut oil Review

Tropical Traditions sent me a large jar of Coconut oil to review.  I do not know my oils but my wife sure does. The following opinions are mine and hers.

Here is a video about Tropical Traditions
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Here is a great article about the health benefits of Coconut Oil. 

She makes everything with it! I can not believe it.  She even uses it in place of shortening.  She made apple pie with it.  I so want more.  It was so good and It only enhanced the flavor.  It taste great and even our son loves this oil too.  It has great health benefits and even skin and hair benefits.  We are now big fans of Tropical Traditions.

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The above are honest opinions of me and my family. We received no money for this review.  Thank you.

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