Saturday, October 1, 2016

pixie  vaction  got this  tiny figure in the  mail it was okay , really enjoyed reading about all the  vactions  disney has to offer.  they offer all this and more Disney World & Disney Cruise Line Travel Vacation Packages, Discounts from an Authorized DisneyVacation Planner. Save time & money on your Disney vacation. would i use this service if i ever had enough to go to disney yes i probaly would. great service with deep discounts.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Silver Dollar City, Branson, Missouri, is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the country. Travel back in time to the simplicity of 1880s America, and enjoy the best in Branson entertainment plus a host of festivals and events.
Silver Dollar City, Branson, Missouri, is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the country. Travel back in time to the simplicity of 1880s America, and enjoy the best in Branson entertainment plus a host of festivals and events.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016 Beach Towel Review

I got the chance to make a Beach Towel on  Starting your product is very easy and you get so many options!  You can get backgrounds, put your pics into shapes, colors, Lettering, and so much more.  So with this site I have found you can make your dream product or gift.  Uploading your pictures is very easy and it keeps them for your next project.  The product comes out very nice and highly detailed.  It even keeps your project in case you need to make another for your family members. 

The quality of the Beach Towel is very good.  It feels very sturdy when you pull and tug.  Even after a use it still looks beautiful.  I made a towel of our only son for my wife to cheer her up.  (she has had really bad health lately and even stopped blogging for a while also. )  Below is a picture of how it turned out.  I love using the photo editor because you get so many options.

New to ? Go over and sign up for a 60% off code! That is an Amazing deal... The Beach towels start at $59.95 and really are a great deal especially with 60% off.  They have tons and tons of projects to choose from. 

Thank you My wife could not be happier with her gift! 

I am a blogger and got a free product in exchange for a completely unbiased review.  No monetary compensation was received.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Brooklyn Bamboo Mens White Handkerchief Review

Brooklyn Bamboo Mens White Handkerchief 6pc Set Soft, Absorbent, Organic, Best

I feel these are great hand handkerchiefs really are soft. I couldn't believe it when i was kid i use to get handkerchiefs. and they were never this soft. but these are really really nice and are so soft if your looking for a good product the this is for you. The quality on the stitching is very good with not mess ups at all. I have bought lots of these because I like to wear suits and I own 10. Not many but I like to wear them. Now I have bought lots of handkerchiefs but this is by far the nicest ones because of the softness and being quality these are at. Overall, these are very nice and I like them. 

I got this in exchange for an honest product review all opinions are my own.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Keyman Electronics® MXQ Quad Core Android Tv Box Review

Keyman Electronics® MXQ Quad Core Android Tv Box Review

The only bit of confusion is with the first boot up and my wife figured it out in seconds.  From the main menu you need to find the K for Kodi and it will take you straight to that menu you need.  After that select video add on and so many apps for so much fun.  Family movie nights can be so much fun now!  We really enjoy watching movies as a family.  You can also download your movie apps like hulu or netflix but really you will not need them with the great apps added in.  Think of watching your favorite cable series show like Falling Skies and watching right after it airs.  You can with this box and no cable needed.

The box is small about hand palm size and black.  It has a light up blue light to let you know if it is on.  It comes with a controller but you can also use a mouse or even a great keyboard controller you can purchase.  It really will make it much easier.  The box is thick plastic and seems sturdy.

The setup is very easy once you understand to go to videos you can search, or sort the movies with many different ways to look up a movie or TV show.  Every thing is easy peasy from that point.  Just add popcorn and Family!
<iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="344" src="" width="459"></iframe>


  • In 10 minutes you will be able to legally watch thousands of free movies & tv shows. Pay only the one time fee of purchasing this box off Amazon, then no more costs ever.
  • We have also included 6 professional HD video tutorials (a $50 value in themselves) that will show you how to use XBMC and your MXQ once you have set it up. What also sets our box apart, is the fact that we flew to China ourselves to make sure we found a manufacturer, who would only produce quality and reliable products for us.
  • Welcome to the future of home entertainment. Our MXQ comes with a quad core processor 1gb of ram 8gb of hard drive space. Your box also comes with an unlimited lifetime warranty. If you ever break your box, or it stops working Keyman Electronics will replace it for 100% free.
  • (IMPORTANT NOTE: ONLY BUY THIS PRODUCT FROM SELLER (GBOXMX2SELLER). We the manufacturer KEYMAN ELECTRONICS own the account (GBOXMX2SELLER). Do not buy from any other seller. Other sellers sometimes try to sell counterfeit versions of our product on this listing. We ususually report them and get them off, if you see one on here though, do not be fooled by their cheap price, if you buy from one of them you will not receive your lifetime warranty nor the correct product in the pictures or description. AGAIN ONLY BUY THIS FROM (GBOXMX2SELLER) WATCH UNLIMITED MOVIES FOR LIFE IN DVD / HD / AND 3D!!! (Watch ANY Movie Your Heart Desires)......WATCH COMPLETE TV SERIES!!! (All TV Shows Are Available instantly). Just plug our MXQ box into your television and follow our simple video activation instructions.
  • Never run out of entertainment to watch with our MXQ Android Tv box. All that is required is a tv set and an internet connection. Yes, we have included all the best addons like 1channel icefilms Navix- etc. you will never run out of things to watch.(URGENT NOTE FROM SELLER: WHEN YOU RECEIVE YOUR BOX, IT WILL HAVE INSTRUCTIONS ON A LABEL RIGHT ON THE OPENING SHOWING YOU WHERE TO GO TO WATCH VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS. YOU MUST WATCH THIS VIDEO TO KNOW HOW TO ACTIVATE AND USE YOUR MXQ. MANY CUSTOMERS DO NOT FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS AND ASSUME THAT THEIR BOX DOES NOT WORK. YOUR BOX WILL WORK. WE HAVE THEM QUADRUPLE TESTED BEFORE BEING SENT OUT)

I am a blogger and received this product in exchange for an honest review.  No monetary Compensation was received. 

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